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The first and leading modeling agency in Israel representing mature and adult models.

The vision of  ProAaging Models agency is to promote in the media the diverse visibility of mature and older women and men who choose to grow old in a natural way, by show- casing the multi-faceted beauty of mature models in all advertising platforms.

We are all about Age Diversity and we are part of a growing global trend.

ProAging Models are role models and a source of inspiration for adult women and men. Our models are ambassadors of the ProAging message, calling for the natural choice available to all: to grow old, naturally, without invasive interventions for 'rejuvenating' purposes. This is at the core of our beliefs and values, endorsing a positive way of life.

Do you want to advertise and market your consumer and lifestyle products for mature women and men?

This growing population has tremendous purchasing power. They want to see themselves in the media. They want to see the reflection of their representation, in their own natural and diverse beauty. They want to identify with the image seen-young models cannot achieve that.

By working with mature models and having their presence in your campaigns, you will:

Inspire identification with your product and/or service

Increase sales from your target audience - mature and older consumers

Expand your consumer audience, to include not only young people but to cater to the mature audience as well

Join the ProAging Models positive message: Female and male aesthetics and style have no age

Connect to the expanding global economic trend!

Connect to the mature customers market, the most profitable segment, which is going to grow even more in the coming years - Aging Economy


Do you want to photograph models represented by the agency?

Please contact Smadar Ganzi:

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